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Alloy Handles Jump Rope


Alloy Handles Jump Rope


This classic high-speed jump rope format is one of the most popular in the CrossFit world. It will allow you to do your first double-unders and then pick up the pace!

It is delivered in its protective cover, with its 3mm braided steel cable covered with a plastic sheath. The cable is 3 meters long and is adjustable to fit any size athlete, adult or child!

The key features of this jump rope with aluminum handles.

The aluminum handles are textured for a better grip, even with the fingertips, to allow maximum flexibility in the wrist.

  • Full aluminum handles, unbreakable
  • Hollowed aluminum for even more lightness
  • Textured aluminum for a better grip

The cable is embedded in a pivot ball, which is mounted on a rotating head equipped with ball bearings. This innovative system accompanies and accelerates the movement of the cable in an optimal way.

  • Rotating head mounted on high quality bearings
  • New system with pivot ball
  • Stop screw for quick and easy adjustment of the cable length



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