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Rx-Style Jump Rope


Rx-Style Jump Rope


Get yourself this high quality, light and ultra-fast Rx-Style jump rope for smooth and seamless double (or triple?)-unders.

It is also perfect for learning, thanks to the 3mm cable included in this pack! The two braided steel cables covered with a plastic sheath are adjustable in length to fit any size of athlete, adult or child!

You can also add ballast in the handles, which can be unscrewed, for more muscle work, especially for the shoulders.

A high-quality jump rope for DU’s

The shape of the handles of our Rx-Style jump rope, hollowed out at the thumb and index finger areas, is designed to offer you maximum comfort in your grip. It is designed with optimized materials to be lightweight. The strengths of this rope are:

• Light & ultra-fast
• Industrial grade ball bearings
• Ergonomic handles
• Textured synthetic grip: non-slip and breathable
• Adjustable length
• Adaptable to any cable diameter (1.8 to 4mm)
• Braided steel cables, covered with an ultra-resistant sheath
• Possibility to add ballast

The ideal pack to have in your equipment!

Our Rx-Style jump rope comes with its accessories in this pack that is just ready to be slipped into your training bag!

• Rx-Style skipping rope
• 2 braided steel cables, diameter: 2mm & 3mm, length: 300cm
• Storage bag


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